Saturday, February 06, 2010

Providence Handled Practically

Introduced and edited by Joel R. Beeke and Matthew Winzer.

Obadiah Sedgwick in this brief but valuable book opens up the subject of Divine Providence, showing to us the right and godly response to it. The first two chapters deal with the subject of God's general providence over all creation, His church and His people.

He then from chapter three makes some useful applications. 1) Learn to depend on Providence of God , 2) learn not to vex your mind, 3) Wait upon Providence, and finally 4) Be content. In conclusion he write concerning comfort and duty for the people of God. With regards to the former he begins, “Since there is a special Providence actively and effectually laying out itself in a special way for the good of the church, then this may be as a rock for the church, on which it may rest itself in all the varieties and difficulties of its militant estate and condition” And then in “Regarding duty,” he writes, “there are several things which concern the church, especially when the enemies attack, and she seems to be desolate, oppresses, and it seems that God does not go forth with her armies. He then gives three pressing duties 1. The church must reform, 2)The church must also put itself upon this singular Providence by fervent and humble prayer, 3) Engage this singular Providence for you by your trust in God.

This excellent and timely reprint, for which we are grateful, is more than worth its money and will be enjoyed by those who love sound doctrine and believe in experimental Christianity.

Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books (2007)
ISBN-10: 1601780257
ISBN-13: 978-1601780256