Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Testimony of Ramin Habibi

Hello, my name is Ramin Habibi and I was born in Tehran in 1981. My story began during the Iranian general election in 2013. I was arrested because of a series of events and was transferred to Evin prison (the most notorious prison in Iran and also in the world). As all of you can imagine, it was extremely dreadful. Many horrendous things happened to me while I was there. As a result, when I was released, I was received medical treatment for a while but as well as my body, my soul was deeply wounded and I couldn’t get ride of the emptiness which grew more and more inside me. These
incidents had life changing consequences for me and my family. Then I met one of my old friends after a while and we began to talk about the years when we had lost contact and I told him what happened to me while I was in prison. He was absolutely heartbroken when he realized what I had been through and deeply touched by my story, therefore we became really close again which lead us to regularly meet each other. I felt something was changed within Mahmoud because I knew him very well and he was not the Mahmoud I used to know. He spoke with sincerity and behaved so kindly. In the meantime, in order to help my spiritual condition, Mahmood gave me a book called
"What is Christianity: Beliefs and practices of Christians" in Farsi and told me to definitely read it because this book would open my eyes to the truth. Due to my passion to find out the meaning of life I read that book quickly, the doors were opened to me, truth began to shine through the doors and that truth was Jesus Christ. Then Mahmoud invited me to the house church. They held a meeting there once a week, we prayed and read the Bible together. Despite the fact I was battling with many issues, I was entirely peaceful while I was in church. I used to have abhorrent nightmares which had stayed with me from my time in prison but they were now gone by the God’s grace because Christ has adopted me. Knowing Christ and his forgiveness for me, taught me how to forgive, so now I could forgive all those people who had savagely tortured and persecuted me. Miraculously I was full of kindness and love. Now I could forget everything, I was born again, Christ gave me new life. Now my greatest desire is to walk in his path and be a justified son of Light. It was amazing how Christ had changed everything and that change effected my family as well. It has been my deepest privilege to share the most unquestionable truth with all of you, my brothers and sisters in Christ. It is my duty and passion to spread the good news and evangelize the only Redeemer: Christ is the only way to have salvation and eternal life.
At the end I would like to read my favorite verse in holy bible for you: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
God protect and bless all of you.