Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Lord's Prayer

Many of you may already know that back in January my wife gave birth to a lovely boy called Samuel. As with all our Children we have carefully chosen their names, thinking particularly of what each name means. Samuel means; 'asked of God.' A lady called Hannah in the Bible talked to God in prayer and asked Him for a son. In accordance to His will, He granted Hannah her request. Now, not always does God answer prayer in the way one might hope, however prayer should be a frequent activity and an important part of ones life. Let me ask you, do you pray?

The Bible as a whole gives us much direction regarding the subject of prayer. However, that special direction is, the form of prayer which Christ taught His disciples, commonly called 'The Lord's prayer'. It begins with those words, “Our Father which art in heaven.” We come to God to praise Him and to present certain petitions before Him. Hannah prayed to the Lord for a child. Now it very important that we first ask God for the forgiveness of sins having believed in Jesus.

Just under 2000 years ago, the Lord Jesus Christ died on the Cross, so that there would be the forgiveness of sins, for those who believe.

In 1 John 1 : 7 we read “the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin.” Having believed in Jesus, and having been forgiven ones sins we can truly address God as our Heavenly Father, and enjoy communion with Him. What a blessing it is to pray in times of joy, in times of sorrow, and then each and every day.

It is my hope that you might know the blessing of prayer, and that you having faith in your heart, might engage in it often.

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