Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brown's Dictionary of Bible Characters ed Stonier

John Brown was born in 1722, and, by the will of God became an eminent Bible theologian. His Dictionary is Christ centred, and covers practically everything, making it useful for gospel preachers.

From this Dictionary, Geoffrey Stonier, (International Director of Preacher's Help), has extracted the most significant Bible names, to produce this helpful volume. After a comprehensive memoir, (43 pages long, by John Brown's grandson), Mr. Stonier begins with Aaron and ends with Zuph.

Hundreds of Bible names are helpfully arranged in alphabetical order, and once we start to dig into these pages, they will light up with spark and fire. Names perhaps previously skimmed over begin to develop special spiritual relevance.

John Brown's Dictionary demonstrates to us that we can so easily miss priceless information which could make our knowledge of God's grace in redemption so much the more vibrant.

The volume ends with a helpful index of some sixty three authors quoted in Brown's Dictionary.

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications (March 2009)
ISBN-10: 1845502663
ISBN-13: 978-1845502663