Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sermon: C. H. Spurgeon

But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19

I have seen the Christian man in the depths of poverty, when he lived from hand to mouth, and scarcely knew where he would find his next meal, still with his mind unruffled, calm, and quiet. If he had been as rich as an Indian prince, yet could he not have less care; if he had been told that his bread should always come to his door, and the stream which ran hard by should never dry – if he had been quite sure that ravens would bring him bread and meat in the morning, and again in the evening, he would not have been one whit more calm. There is his neighbour on the other side of the street, not half so poor, but wearied from morning to night, working his fingers to the bone, bringing himself to the grave with anxiety; but this poor good man, after having industriously laboured, though he found that he had gained little with all his toil, yet hath sanctified his little by prayer, and hath thanked his Father for what he had; and though he doth not know whether he will have more, still he trusteth in God, and declareth that his faith should not fail him, though providence should run to a lower ebb than he had ever seen. There is “the peace of God which passeth all understanding”.

I have seen that peace, too, in the case of those who have lost their friends. There is a widow – her much loved husband lies in the coffin; she is soon to part with him. Parted with him she has before: but now, of his poor clay-cold corpse – even of that she has to be bereaved. She looks upon it for the last time, and her heart is heavy. For herself and her children, she thinks how they shall be provided for. That broad tree that once sheltered them from the sun beam has been cut down. Now, she thinks there is a broad heaven above her head, and her Maker is her husband; the fatherless children are left with God for their father, and the widow is trusting in Him. With tears in her eyes she still looks up, and she says, “Lord, Thou hast given, and Thou hast taken away, blessed be Thy name”. Her husband is carried to the tomb; she doth not smile, but though she weeps, there is a calm composure on her brow, and she tells you she would not have it otherwise, even if she could, for Jehovah's will is right.