Thursday, April 05, 2012

News of the Fellowship

We were very pleased to welcome Rev. John Thackway from Holywell Evangelical Church, North Wales to our 4th Annual Autumn Meeting. We were greatly blessed through the preaching of God's Word on the Saturday and following Lord's Day.

We were delighted to receive three new Members into our fellowship on 6th. November. They were Mr. and Mrs. Adamson and Mrs. Gould, all who were previous Members at Holywell Evangelical Church, North Wales.

The Annual Luncheon took place on January 12th. We were pleased to welcome friends from other Churches who enjoyed a lovely meal. Our Pastor concluded a happy time of fellowship with an epilogue from God's Word.

We are thankful for the contacts we have had here with a number of schools in the New Forest. For a full report please see the article on Bible Distribution. This year, for which we give God the praise, contact has been made with 12 schools so far. Each school has, or is, receiving a Special edition Queens Diamond Jubilee Bible. In total so far 210 New Testaments have been requested and are being sent into the schools. Along with this, a number of colouring books and bookmarks from the Trinitarian Bible Society. We are also encouraged that one independent school's headteacher, which was visited by our pastor, at the beginning of March, has requested that Bibles be supplied to the pupils leaving the school this summer. We do pray that these young people, aged 16, would be found reading the word of God and blessed by the Lord in their own hearts. We are particularly grateful to Mrs Dorothy Gould and others who have given their to time to prepare the orders for the schools.