Tuesday, April 26, 2011

News of the fellowship

Rev. Richard Brooks was our preacher for our Autumn Meeting. We were greatly blessed through his ministry, and our Meeting was well attended.

Door to door visiting continues in the Fordingbidge area, the second time round. Gospel leaflet distribution, has been completed in Verwood, and has now begun in St. Ives and Ashley Heath.

Last Autumn a desire was expressed that outreach should commence in a number of villages and hamlets in the northern part of the New Forest, where there is now no evangelical witness. After much prayer, and careful consideration, back in November all the homes in the village of Bramshaw received literature. At the beginning of this year the village of Brook also received likewise. We pray that over the coming months and years that every home in this part of the Forest might be reached with the Gospel.

Youth meetings are continuing with a steady flow of children from the Church and from the surrounding area. we are especially pleased to see children attending our Sabbath School and the evening Service.

On the 2nd of December 2010 a memorial Service was held at Crosslanes for the life of Mrs Ann Sharman. Mr and Mrs Sharman were married in the Chapel some 57 years ago. Despite the heavy fall of snow that had fallen in the night, and the untreated roads making driving dangerous, around sixty villagers came out. Our minister preached from Proverbs 18 : 24, presenting Christ as "the friend who sticketh closer than a brother" to all those who put their trust in in Him, and repent of their sins. Our prayers and thoughts are with Mr Gordon Sharman as he mourns the loss of his dear wife. We pray also for all who gathered in the Chapel who were strangers to grace, that they might yet know that peace which is in and through Christ.

Our Annual Lucheon was held on January 13th. in our Church hall. Once again this was well attended,and much enjoyed by all who came.

We give thanks to God, along with our Pastor and Sharon, for the the safe arrival of Samuel Stephen Lewis on January 24th.

The 13th. March was the occasion of our Pastor`s 10th. Anniversary, for which we give praise to God. We were greatly blessed through the ministry of Rev. Malcolm Watts from Emmanuel Church, Salisbury.