Friday, August 08, 2008

Quotes from Thomas Watson's Body of Divinity (1)

Glory is essential to the Godhead, as light is to the sun.

We glorify God, by being contented in that state in which Providence has placed us.

Though nothing can add to God's essential glory, yet praise exalts Him in the eyes of others.

Let us lead Scripture lives. Oh that the Bible might be seen printed in our lives! Do what the Bible commands. Obedience is an excellent way of commenting upon the Bible.

What a mercy is it that God has not only acquainted us with what His will is, but that He has made it known by writing.

God knows whatever is knowable.

He is God, and has a sovereignty over us; therefore, as we received life from Him, so must we receive a law from Him, and submit to His will in all things.

Oh study the shortness of life and length of eternity!

God has decreed troubles for the church's good. The troubles of God's church is like the angel's troubling the water, which made way for healing His people.

I fear I shall not hold out. Christian, dost thou believe the power of God? Has not God preserved thy grace thus far? Mayest thou not set up thy Ebenezer? God has kept thy grace hitherto as a spark in the main ocean; and is He able to still keep it?

This divine worship God is very jealous of; it is the apple of His eye, the pearl of His crown; which He guards, as He did the tree of life, with cherubims and a flaming sword, that no man may come near it to violate it. Divine worship must be such as God Himself has appointed, else it is strange fire.

Thanksgiving does not stand in church-music, the melody of an organ, but rather in making melody in the heart to the Lord.