Friday, August 08, 2008

News of the Fellowship

We were being greatly blessed through the faithful ministry of Rev. John Thackway from Holywell at our 157th Church Anniversary. The three sermons are available on the Church website.

On May 28th, we set apart Mr. John Adamson as our Deacon. We thank God for guiding us as a congregation.

We continue to witness in the open air at Ringwood, and visit homes in Fordingbridge where gospels and tracts are distributed. Every home has received “The Gospel according to Luke”, and then further visited. We pray for the Lord’s assistance in visiting the whole town again, the Lord willing, in the next few years. The Proclaimer is currently being distributed around the local hamlets.

We are praying for our young people who come to Sabbath School, Thursday Club, Senior and Junior Clubs. We are very pleased to have at least six young people at our Sabbath Services. The monthly Ladies Coffee Mornings continue to be a great blessing.

We continue to support Stephen and Yolanda at the New Tribes Mission H.Q.