Monday, June 30, 2014

Metrical Psalm 27

Notes by Rev John Brown Haddington

A Psalm of David. 

For thy instruction, my soul, behold here, (1.) The holy courage and undaunted bravery of true faith, amidst manifold dangers and enemies, ver. 1-3. (2.) What earnestness there ought to be, and what pleasure, profit, and honour there are, in the study of familiar fellowship with God, ver. 4-6. (3.) Fervent desires, with strong cries and supplications, for the gracious favour, spiritual presence, and saving direction and protection of God, ver. 7-12. (4.) Strong and encouraging expectations of help, favour and strength from God, ver. 10, 13-14.

While I sing, let my soul enter the very marrow of these matters. Let God himself be relied on, as my trust, my Saviour, and my all in all. Let my heart burn with superlative desires after the knowledge and enjoyment of him. Let nothing less than the most familiar communion with him here, and the full enjoyment of him hereafter, satisfy my longings. Let me readily embrace every invitation to seek his face. Amidst enemies and distresses unnumbered, let me always believe in, wait for, and boast of God my only Lord.

1 The Lord's my light and saving health, 
who shall make me dismay'd? 
My life's strength is the Lord, of whom 
then shall I be afraid? 

2 When as mine enemies and foes, 
most wicked persons all, 
To eat my flesh against me rose, 
they stumbled and did fall. 

3 Against me though an host encamp, 
my heart yet fearless is: 
Though war against me rise, I will 
be confident in this. 

4 One thing I of the Lord desir'd, 
and will seek to obtain, 
That all days of my life I may 
within God's house remain; 

That I the beauty of the Lord 
behold may and admire, 
And that I in his holy place 
may rev'rently enquire.

5 For he in his pavilion shall 
me hide in evil days; 
In secret of his tent me hide, 
and on a rock me raise. 

6 And now, ev'n at this present time, 
mine head shall lifted be 
Above all those that are my foes, 
and round encompass me: 

Therefore unto his tabernacle 
I'll sacrifices bring 
Of joyfulness; I'll sing, yea, I 
to God will praises sing. 

7 O Lord, give ear unto my voice, 
when I do cry to thee; 
Upon me also mercy have, 
and do thou answer me. 

8 When thou didst say, Seek ye my face, 
then unto thee reply 
Thus did my heart, Above all things 
thy face, Lord, seek will I.