Friday, July 19, 2013

News of the fellowship

Since our last "Proclaimer" we have been able to distribute Trinitarian Bible Society Calendars around the village. We have begun our open-air witness, and door to door visiting in Ringwood. Bible tables have been set up in Fordingbridge and Ringwood, and Gospel tracts have been distributed in the St. Ives area. Also, schools have requested Bibles, as has Brockenhurst College.

Our Annual New Year Luncheon was held on January 10th and was very well attended. Our Pastor gave the epilogue from the Word of God.

On January 12th we were delighted to receive Mrs. Naomi Adamson into our membership at Crosslanes. We pray God's blessing upon her and her husband, Mark.

The young people's work continues. How this young generation needs the Saviour in this dark world today!

The Church's 168th Anniversary took place May 11th & 12th Rev. Malcolm Watts of Emmanuel Church, Salisbury, was our guest preacher. We were greatly blessed and enriched by his ministry. On the Saturday the Word of God was expounded from Isaiah 61: 1-3, and a goodly number attended.

On the Lord's Day, Pastor Watts preached from Leviticus 8:33-35, the charge that was given to the Lord's people, to glorify God, to provide for our own souls, to spread the Gospel, to assist the Church, to preserve spiritual health, to seek things that are needful, and to grow in the knowledge of God.

In the evening, Psalm 142:4 was expounded. "No man careth for my soul". The soul is capable of knowing God. The soul is made in His image. God assists our souls, therefore we must keep our souls diligently. The Lord Jesus cares for our souls.

We are so thankful to every one who is working hard in the fellowship. We are very grateful for the improvements made in the hall and kitchen, by Mr Robert James and Mr Nathan Davis.

Last year over the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May, it was our privilege and joy to see the church packed with visitors from different parts of the country and meet old friends and new. This was also the case this year. Amongst the visiters a large number came from Spring Road Evangelical Church, on a camp, which included many young men and women and children.