Monday, June 07, 2010

Church Anniversary 2010 Online

The sermons preached by Rev. Harry Woods at the 159th Anniversary of Crosslanes Chapel are now available for listening online:

The Lamb upon the throne (Revelation 5)
Christ's return to the Father expedient (John 16 v 7)
Not far from the kingdom of God (Mark 12 v 34)

You can also listen to psalm singing from the meetings: Psalm 147 v 1-5 (tune Main), Psalm 80 v 14-19 (tune Kilmarnock), Psalm 119 v 105-112 (tune Grafenberg) and Psalm 40 v 1-5 (tune Ayrshire).

The latest online sermon by the Rev. Aaron Lewis is Come, whosoever will (Revelation 22 v 17), a gospel sermon preached on the Sabbath evening, 30th May 2010.