Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Proclaimer, Winter 2010

Magazine of Crosslanes Chapel

Cultivating a Biblical unity. New Year Sermon C.H. Spurgeon
News of the Fellowship
Rest in the Lord. Psalm 37. New Year Sermon Aaron J Lewis
A Christian on the Mount Thomas Watson
Book Recommendations: Providence Handled Practically and Heirs With Christ
Special Meetings 2010
Metrical Psalm 16 Notes by John Brown of Haddington
Go to Jesus Octavius Winslow

Latest online sermons by Rev. Aaron J. Lewis:
Their faith, their love, their hope, preached on the Sabbath evening 17th January 2010 from Colossians 1 v 4-5.
Good news for all, preached on the Sabbath evening 14th February 2010 from 1 Timothy 1 v 15.
The feeding of the five thousand, preached on the Sabbath morning 21st February 2010 from Luke 9 v 12-13.
What is your life?, preached on the Sabbath evening 21st March 2010 from James 4 v 14.

New link: Affirmation 2010