Friday, January 18, 2008

News of the Fellowship

We are greatly encouraged with our youth meetings and children`s work. Their age range is from three to twenty two years! We are praying that more will come along, and that the Lord will speak to their hearts and save them from their sins.

We have consistently distributed Gospels, calendars, and other Christian literature in our locality, and also to Ringwood and Fordingbridge. The Gospel has been faithfully preached in the open air at Ringwood during the spring, summer and autumn months.

We were very pleased to receive two new members during the year.

Our Annual Luncheon was held in January, and was attended by forty people. Our Minister spoke from the words of our Saviour, “Come unto Me”.
Special Meetings:

Church Anniversary, Saturday, 10th. May. The expected preacher, the Lord willing, is the Rev John Thackway, from Holywell, North Wales.

Autumn Meeting, Saturday, 1st. November. The expected preacher, the Lord willing, is the Rev William Macleod, from Glasgow.